Terra Bella - Fresh, Organic and Natural Food Distribution in Montreal

  • vegetables Natural and Organic Vegetables
    The health benefits of vegetables are that they contain potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin K, iron, calcium and magnesium. They also contain carotenoids, flavonoids and other powerful antioxidants that have cancer protective properties.
  • cheese Cheese
    The health benefits of cheese include relief from hypertension, and osteoporosis. Cheese also helps in the prevention of cavities as well as maintaining body functions and protecting the body from disease.
  • fresh herbs Fresh Herbs
    There is a great deal of health benefits to using fresh herbs. Many are great to use to increase your immune system’s strength, while others are good for clearing toxins and restoring energy.
  • chicken Chicken
    The health benefits of eating organic chicken free of growth hormones and antibiotics are enormous. It is a rich source of a variety of essential nutrients. Chicken is a very good source of lean, high quality protein.
  • dried fruits Dry Fruit
    Dried fruits are loaded with fibre, vitamins and minerals. They are also rich in calcium and phosphorus, which are extremely important for healthy bones and teeth.

Specials of the week

Celery  2.99$/ ea.
Parsley Italian 1.99$/ea.
Red Cabbage 1.49$/lb.
White Peaches 1.10$/ ea.
Honeydew Melons 3.49$/ea.

Figs Fresh 4.75$/cont.

Commercial Clients

Contact us for more information and to receive our Commercial Price List.

News of the week


Summer fruit has started ! *Peaches ,*nectarines  *apricots , *watermelon and *Palmer mangoes are back! Medium sizes for now keep in mind it is just the beginning of the season, more variety and larger sizes of fruit to arrive in the next coming weeks .

We are experiencing 
some price increases in berries and other products due to shortages and currency exchange rates. Meanwhile some prices of products are coming down  which is  encouraging our clients to have healthy eating habits and allowing for new meal ideas.

                     Eat well ,  laugh a lot ,  love a lot ,  and have a great week  !!               

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Terra Bella - Fresh, Organic and Natural Food Distribution in Montreal

Discover the convenience of having fresh certified organic and natural fruits and vegetables delivered right to your door and rediscover the great taste of food the way nature intended it to be! We are not a Basket Program. We offer customized home delivery of fresh organic and natural fruits, vegetables, sprouts, eggs, meat and cheese. We work closely with naturopaths, medical doctors, dieticians and personal trainers to help their patients fight their ailments by maximizing their nutritional needs.

We deliver over the entire Island of Montreal and Laval. Our produce is handpicked fresh and bought on a daily basis from certified organic wholesale companies. We also support local certified organic farmers and therefore pass on the savings to our clients. We offer as much local produce as is seasonably available. At Terra Bella, you will find a larger variety of fresh produce than at any other health food store or super market in the city!

We look forward to supplying you with our fabulous produce!